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Morris Broadband Seeking Fair Terms with AMC

December 17, 2015

Morris Broadband could be forced to drop the suite of cable TV channels owned by AMC Networks on December 31
unless major changes are made in the proposed contract renewal.

AMC’s contract proposal calls for a rate increase, the carriage of additional channels and the relocation of their less popular channels to a most-watched tier – all of which represents an 85% rate increase in 2016 and a total increase in the proposed 10 year term of 370%. AMC Networks include AMC, IFC, Sundance, WE, BBC America and BBC World. Morris currently carries AMC, IFC and WE and has a separate contract with BBC America which does not expire at this time.

“When a programmer like AMC demands an unprecedented increase in its monthly fees, we believe it’s our responsibility to take a stand. AMC is attempting to leverage its one hit show, Walking Dead, to force carriage of its weaker content. The secondary channels are not popular and adding them to our lineup could impact our ability to enhance broadband capacity,” said Tony Carter, General Manager of Morris Broadband.

“Negotiations are continuing with AMC and we hope that we can come to mutually acceptable terms with them. Many other independent cable operators share our concern with the onerous terms currently on the table,“ said Carter.

“Our customers have likely seen alarming advertising crawls during recent episodes of Walking Dead. It is important to note that negotiations continue and we would love to accept reasonable terms well ahead of the February return of new episodes to this program,” said Carter. However, if the channel goes dark, customers could still watch their favorite zombie killers. New episodes are available on Amazon, ITunes, Vudu, Google Play, among others.

“Renewal negotiations are a routine part of our business. We believe it is our responsibility to scrutinize each renewal offer and confirm whether the proposed terms are consistent with the value of the channels to our viewer. We are doing this with the AMC renewal,” said Carter.


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Set Top Box “Autotune”

Due to data updates to cable converters, some customers may
need to reset their "channel autotune" function.  This allows
channel changing by pressing the channel number without pressing the select/ok
button. Please follow these directions if you would like to use the
"autotune" function.


  1. On you cable converter remote press cable.
  2. Press the "Menu" button.
  3. Arrow over to the "TV Guide Main Menu" (which is
    the logo that looks like a house) and press "select/ok".
  4. Arrow over to "Setup" and press "select/ok".
  5. Arrow over to "Guide Setup" and press
  6. Arrow down to "Channel Entry Behavior" and arrow
    over to "Autotune" and press "select/ok".
  7. Press exit. (You have just set the "autotune"
  8. Thanks for being a Morris Broadband customer!