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Customer Updates

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Set Top Box “Autotune”

Due to data updates to cable converters, some customers may
need to reset their "channel autotune" function.  This allows
channel changing by pressing the channel number without pressing the select/ok
button. Please follow these directions if you would like to use the
"autotune" function.

  1. On you cable converter remote press cable.
  2. Press the "Menu" button.
  3. Arrow over to the "TV Guide Main Menu" (which is
    the logo that looks like a house) and press "select/ok".
  4. Arrow over to "Setup" and press "select/ok".
  5. Arrow over to "Guide Setup" and press
  6. Arrow down to "Channel Entry Behavior" and arrow
    over to "Autotune" and press "select/ok".
  7. Press exit. (You have just set the "autotune"
  8. Thanks for being a Morris Broadband customer!