Q: How can I make changes to my service?
A: The easiest way to make changes to your service is through our online customer management portal.

Q: If I switch to Morris Broadband’s telephone service, can I keep my phone number?
A: Yes

Q: Can I call 911?
A: You can report police, medical, fire and other emergencies by dialing 911 and be connected to a live emergency operator. In areas where the local public safety network supports Enhanced 911 service, your address will be displayed for the emergency operator to direct emergency personnel to your location. With a Morris Broadband phone, you do not need to register your address for 911. We will do it when we set up your account.


However, in a power outage, or if Morris Broadband’s network is inoperable, your Morris Broadband phone service will not operate, including the ability to call 911. You should consider maintaining an alternate service such as a cellular telephone in case of a power outage or an outage on our network.

Q: If I lose electrical power in my home, will my phone service work?
A: Similar to a cordless phone, the equipment used to provide your phone service uses household electrical power in order to operate. Because a loss of power will affect your ability to use your phone and access 911 emergency services, you should consider maintaining an alternate service such as a cellular telephone in case of a power outage or an outage on our network.

Q: How will I be billed for my phone service?
A: You will receive one bill for all of your Morris Broadband services, including telephone. Your monthly telephone charge will appear as a line item on the bill. Additional line items for any charges for optional services such as international calls, directory assistance, and operator services will also appear on the bill. You also may be billed for certain federal state and local taxes, and governmental regulatory fees and surcharges to recover costs we incur in providing the service. These fees are similar to those charged by traditional phone service providers.

Q: Will I be listed in the telephone book?
A: Yes, you will be included in Directory assistance 411 and your local telephone book. You have the option of having your phone number unlisted ($15.00 setup fee and $2.95 per month) or unpublished ($15.00 setup fee and $4.50 per month).

Q: Can I get another phone line/phone number with Morris Broadband?
A: Yes, a second phone line can be added. Please call for additional details.

Q: How do I make an international call?
A: Simply dial 011 first, then the country code of the country you are calling, then the city code, then the number of the person you are calling, just as you do now with other phone services. Although U.S. long distance calls are included in your monthly rate, international calls are charged additional per minutes rates.

Q: Can I make a collect call?
A: No, unfortunately not at this time.

Q: Does Morris Broadband offer a calling card?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: Will my home security system work with Morris Broadband phone service?
A: Although Morris Broadband does not guarantee the use of home security systems with its phone service, many home security systems will function with our service. Your security company will need to test the system following installation. You may want to consider maintaining a separate phone line for your security system.

Q: Will my answering machine still work?
A: Yes, but you may no longer need an answering machine since your Morris Broadband phone service includes voice mail at no extra charge. In addition, you can set up your voice mail to be sent to you via email as standard .wav files.

Q: Can I use Caller ID and other features on my Morris Broadband phone?
A: Yes. For a complete list of features that are included in your phone service.

Q: Contact Us
A: If you have any other questions you can either email us at or call our local Customer Care Center at 888-855-9036.